To Fix Climate Change, We Need to Fix Capitalism

Capitalism has a lot of good things going for it; more consumer choices, promotes competition and innovation, etc., but it has a dark side: Consumerism, which encourages consumers to acquire more products or services in an ever-increasing amount and has a catastrophic effect on our environment. This gets exacerbated by the increase in global population and deforestation.

Starting from the premise that just by the act of being alive, humans produce CO2 every time we exhale. In fact, all animals produce CO2. On the other hand, plants use photosynthesis to break the molecular bond of CO2 and release oxygen back into the atmosphere.

Throughout history, there has been a balance between naturally occurring CO2 emissions and the oxygen-producing effects of plants and trees. That was until humans started to use hydrocarbons as their main source of energy and increased deforestation for their agricultural use.

Our challenge as humans is to reset that balance by reversing the effects of deforestation and, more importantly, reducing or eliminating the use of hydrocarbons.

Every product we buy, every trip we make, everything we eat is all created with the heavy use of hydrocarbons, releasing large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Consumerism drives us to produce, consume, and discard in excess, in an unnecessary vicious loop.

As consumers, we need to gain greater awareness of how the product choices we make every day can make a big difference in our total CO2 footprint, but the reality is that consumers’ choices are limited by the options available to them.

Companies bear the greatest responsibility here. They need to provide consumers with options that are truly sustainable; producing high-quality products with a longer life that are less harmful to the environment at every stage of their lifecycle.

At Beyond, we’ve designed our entire company to deliver incredible products with a top-of-class experience for our riders, without adding to the destruction of the environment.

Here is how we do it:

A business model that drives re-use. Our cancel-anytime monthly subscription means if customers aren’t using their vehicle, they can return it and we can get another rider on it — maximizing utilization of every vehicle.

Vehicles designed to last.  We’ve chosen materials and manufacturing processes that maximize product durability. The longer Beyond vehicles are in use, the smaller their footprint.

A  maintenance program that extends vehicle life. We designed both our vehicles and our maintenance program to simplify maintenance, providing the greatest value with the fewest resources.

Vehicles designed with logistics/transport in mind. Beyond electric scooters and bikes are designed to fold to the smallest form factor, reducing emissions during shipping and making it easy for customers to carry them indoors and on public transit.

Vehicles designed to be disassembled. From their conception, Beyond vehicles are designed to be easily assembled and disassembled, optimizing serviceability and recycling.

At Beyond, we understand that everything we do has an environmental impact, including the manufacturing of our vehicles. By maximizing the life of each of our vehicles, we offset CO2 emissions of production by taking higher-emission vehicles like cars off the road.