Overconsumption is Killing the Planet

“There are professions more harmful to the environment than Industrial Design, but only a few. And possibly only one is phonier: Advertising, persuading people to buy things they don’t need, with money they don’t have, in order to impress others who don’t care, is probably the phoniest field in existence today. Industrial Design, by concocting the tawdry idiocies hawked by advertisers, comes a close second.” — Victor Papanek

As an Industrial Designer working in product development I got to see how things are made, the large amount of energy consumed, and waste created in manufacturing.

Consumption-driven capitalism, the vicious cycle that drives us to produce, consume, and discard in a continuous loop, saddens me and, to be honest, makes me angry as well.

I believe companies bear the greatest responsibility to solve climate change. When I started Beyond, I wanted to use my design skills to create a different kind of company, a company that fights overconsumption with a business model that promotes reuse and products designed to last.

In this short video, I explain my views on overconsumption.