everyone considered Is our strategic approach to designing products. It considers everyone that will come in contact with that product throughout its life span, starting from manufacturing all the way to the end of its use.

we ask What matters to them? We create ideal solutions for all users and then combine them into a big-picture solution.

we design With this process we create a solution that not only answers the needs of direct consumers but will also appeals to others who come in contact with it.

industrial design & ergonomics

We provide industrial design and ergonomic consulting services.

Our Core strength relays in deep understanding the human behavior at the individual and societal level, combined with a though analysis of the context in which our product will be used providing meaningful solution that create value.

Using our design and ergonomic expertise we create safe and healthy work environments, bridging the gap between technology and humans. We specialize in designing products that make sense and solve problems.

Great design can only be achieved with great insight. We systematically observe, ask, listen and document in order to establish facts that will inform our decisions in the design process and justify our clients’ investments. Using qualitative and quantitative analysis, we offer user definition, user understanding, state of the market analysis, new trends forecasting, technology research, materials and manufacturing research, product strategy, green strategies, and growth planning.

Creative problem solving is in our DNA. We enjoy the challenge of creating functional beauty. We offer concept generation, form studies, mechanical research, user testing, color, material, finish exploration, manufacturing methods, renderings, modeling, and prototyping.

Brand is the soul of a company. We help our clients to discover and tell their stories. With more than 12 years on brand development and communication, we offer brand strategy, naming, and message development as well as design for print and production liaison.

We create new and positive experiences with a holistic approach, combining design thinking and refined development techniques. Our UX team provides interaction design, information architecture, human computer interaction, human factors engineering, usability, and user interface design.

The interaction between humans and objects has always been a critical point in the design process. As a complement to our design services we offer ergonomic audits, human factor studies, product testing, usability assessment, ergonomic recommendations, and three dimensional ergonomic study models.

Understanding materials and manufacturing, we offer on-site prototyping, engineering for manufacturing, CAD development, FEA (finite element analysis), and prototype testing.

Access to the right people at the right time is a valuable asset we bring to our clients. With a comprehensive list of global vendors and manufactures we offer components sourcing, vendor selection, new vendor evaluation, quality assurance, manufacturing liaison and logistics assistance.