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by Tracy

Hello my name is Tracy, I would like to to get your opinion on what should I bring to an interview and what should I leave behind? I am senior Industrial Design student at SCAD.

Hi Tracy!

I think is always good to be creative in order to make a difference between yourself and the rest of applicants. Ideally, you look for a reason to be remembered by the person who interviewed you, but generically, certain documents end up being more of a ‘problem’ in the studio space that being helpful.

In my opinion you should be remembered for the story you displayed in the interview, and leave a nice form of contact, so you are handy when it’s moment to talk to you again about this fabulous story. In any case this will probably end up being in an icon of you, since your etiquette email after the interview will be the link to the next contact.

But the most important I believe it’s this: How you create a story that bounds all the points you want to say together in the experience of the interview. This is when it’s important to condense your projects in a way that it’s somehow entertaining, while exemplifying your widest array of skills. It doesn’t matter if it’s printed or digital, you should put it easy to the interviewer for him/her to imagine you in the roll of your desired position. And additionally, you should carry with you another separate material like maybe sketches, drawings or more specific information about projects, that will only be shown as per request depending on the trajectory of the interview.

Obviously every case it’s different, not only for every applicant, also depending on the character of the interview. But what I really think it’s that always a good story or even a story very well told, has a huge value on the memory, not also for technical reasons, also for the emotional side of it, which finally it’s what will or not engage the other side of the table.

Thanks a good luck!!


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