Brooklyness on sale at!!!News Image

Brooklyness on sale at!!!

Brooklyness Urban Cycles on sale at from 7/18-7/25!!
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Hello Albert!News Image

Hello Albert!

Albert joins us from Enschede, Netherlands. He is currently doing a Master in Industrial Design at Twente University.
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Hello GiulioNews Image

Hello Giulio

We are happy to have Giulio around! Giulio studied Industrial Design at ISIA Rome and has a Master in Strategic Design from the Politecnico di Milano. He is currently doing a second Master in Product Service Design, also at the Politecnico di Milano.
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Sofia at the studioNews Image

Sofia at the studio

Last Friday Sofia Saez – 1 year old – came, once again, to work with her dad. It was nice having you around us!
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Hello NicolasNews Image

Hello Nicolas

With honors degrees from Universidad de Palermo, Nicolas Kedzierski joins our team. He is an industrial designer and design journalist from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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Thanks UPS!!!News Image

Thanks UPS!!!

A story – in pictures – on how UPS destroyed a six-month hard work in one-day shipment…
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Oregon ManifestNews Image

Oregon Manifest

Our presence at the Oregon Manifest Design Challenge.
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Hello SebastianNews Image

Hello Sebastian

Sebastian is a product designer that joins us from Paris, France. We look forward for a good time!
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Hello CarlaNews Image

Hello Carla

Good News: Carla Colás, from the Polytechnic University of Valencia,  has joined the team.
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Hello PeteNews Image

Hello Pete

We are glad to have Pete in the studio with us. He is a Cornell University trained architect and current Pratt ID masters student.
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New OfficeNews Image

New Office

MS&P has moved to new digs in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
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Charging station for DupontNews Image

Charging station for Dupont

Corianesca by manuel saez & partners at the Evans and Paul website, here.
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Babies at WorkNews Image

Babies at Work

Gael Borras (six months) and Sofia Saez (three months) came to work with their dads. It was great to have them around but it sure was a hand full….
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World Kitchen Jury SessionNews Image

World Kitchen Jury Session

There is always a fun moment when the judges start to push their favorites. It was a hard job since all the finalists were really good…
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Tango in Buenos AiresNews Image

Tango in Buenos Aires

Nothing compares to the “real thing”… a tango café in Buenos Aires in the way it’s always been: Our good friend Luis Mercado sings out a storm of passion, love and tears.
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IF B50 Chair EventNews Image

IF B50 Chair Event

Ale, Manuel, Sergio & Pasquale
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Hello DominikaNews Image

Hello Dominika

With degrees from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland and the Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherland, Dominika brings energy and a fresh style to our team.
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Hello BerndNews Image

Hello Bernd

With a strong background in production and manufacturing, Bernd join us from Austria. He studied Industrial Design at University of Applied Sciences Joanneum.
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Hello RomainNews Image

Hello Romain

From Institut Superieur de Design (ISD) in Valenciennes, France. Romain comes to NYC with great expectations to grow and enjoy the city! Welcome!
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Hello RaphaelNews Image

Hello Raphael

Welcome!!! Raphael joins us from the Lycee Jean Perrin – Marseille, France. We look forward to a great time working together.
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King MunNY’s royal preparationsNews Image

King MunNY’s royal preparations

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Huni Rocking Chair getting ready for the showNews Image

Huni Rocking Chair getting ready for the show

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Samuel Black Toe JacksonNews Image

Samuel Black Toe Jackson

“Samuel Black Toe Jackson” came to help out in the office.
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Hello AlexNews Image

Hello Alex

From the University of Cincinatti, here comes Alex! Welcome. We really like Alex’s sensitivity and style and look forward to doing great projects together.
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Hello AnaNews Image

Hello Ana

Ana María Botero Arana, Studied Product Design at the Universidad Icesi in Cali, Colombia. with great leadership skills, a positive attitude and passion for learning, Ana will be a great asset for our team. Welcome!!!
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Manuel Saez on American Latino TVNews Image

Manuel Saez on American Latino TV

Our Creative Director, Manuel Saez, was featured on American Latino TV. You can see the video here!
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Congresswoman Maloney (NY) ride the CMYK bike!News Image

Congresswoman Maloney (NY) ride the CMYK bike!

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (NY), stopped by our design studio and, had the opportunity to ride the CMYK electric bike, it was fun!
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Jordi DJs at New Year’s Eve PartyNews Image

Jordi DJs at New Year’s Eve Party

At Gordon Bennett’s Pub in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the crew hanged out together for New Year’s eve. Our official DJs, Jordi and Fran (Mogollon Sonidero), played their best.
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Big Foosball ChallengeNews Image

Big Foosball Challenge

The best way to relax: Foosball!!! The team has gotten quite good at it and is looking forward to participating in next year world cup!!!
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Stanford D SchoolNews Image

Stanford D School

It was great to hang out with the students at the D school. They loved the CMYK and got to check the new ride. We loved their studio and the way they learn.
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ELEKTRIC AddictionNews Image

ELEKTRIC Addiction

The CMYK ELEKTRIC Addiction has taken over! Jason rides along inside Autodesk gallery.

In the picture Jason Medal-Katz Marketing Director at Autodesk

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The Spark Awards CelebrationNews Image

The Spark Awards Celebration

The Spark Awards Celebration. In the picture: Manuel Saez, Rob Forbes from Studio Forbes and Kit Hinrichs from Studio Hinrichs
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Gala NightNews Image

Gala Night

Great times at the Cooper Hewitt Gala event.

In the picture Manuel Saez & Diego Saez

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Burning Down the HouseNews Image

Burning Down the House

First Aired – 10/15/2009 08:00PM

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, the Butt Ugly and the Criminal; Discussions with Curtis B. Wayne, Manuel Saez, and Richard Thrush on “Ugly” design.

To listen to the show link here: Burning Down The House – Good, Bad & Ugly Product Design

In the pictures: Curtis Wayne from Heritage Radio & Rich Thrush from KAZ

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Lunch At Balthazar’sNews Image

Lunch At Balthazar’s

Professor Huiming Tong from The GAFA (Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts) visited NYC and stopped by our studio.

In the picture: Manuel Saez, Prof. Tong & Diego Saez

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Magic peopleNews Image

Magic people

In occasion we run into incredibly talented people, and in our last rip to Buenos Aires we met Manuel Figueroa, an old-school metal smith that is working on a chair project with us. It s a pleasure to observe and enjoy someone that controls his craft like he does, there is romance everywhere, the order in the shop, his antic tools the way he speaks and how the metal takes shape in front of our eyes as he works his magic.

In the picture: Victor Arancibar from Interieur Forma- KNOLL and Manuel Figueroa

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Anthropologie’s WindowNews Image

Anthropologie’s Window

Beautiful waves on the windows of Anthropologie…
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Angry MonkeyNews Image

Angry Monkey

That is an angry monkey. Perhaps he does not like the corporate life or to be in the zoo…
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Treasure HuntingNews Image

Treasure Hunting

Brooklyn’s best: Flea Market on Lafayette. A constant treasure hunt!
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Daybed ChillllNews Image

Daybed Chillll

Our Business advisor Ed Able found himself relaxing and working on a sample daybed in our office. He got the best seat in the house!!
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Burning Down the HouseNews Image

Burning Down the House

First Aired – 08/27/2009 08:00PM

This week on Burning Down The House, Curtis B. Wayne talks about internet journalism & design trends with a panel of guests including Michael Cannell, Manuel Saez & Jamie Waugh.

To listen to the show link here: Burning Down The House – Design For Everyman

In the pictures: The Boar’s head; Manuel Saez; Michael Cannell from the Design Vote.

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Moto DayNews Image

Moto Day

Fun time!!! Summer, speed and nature. We went upstate New York for a moto ride with Steve Russak and Rich Thrush from KAZ.
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Summer in LICNews Image

Summer in LIC

Nothing can beat a Saturday afternoon at PS1. This picture captures the moment and the feeling.

In the picture: Andrea & Chino

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Moto in NYCNews Image

Moto in NYC

Going to visit clients is a joy! Nothing like riding a motorcycle and dodge the traffic in NYC.
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Good Doggie!News Image

Good Doggie!

Treasure hunt. We found this fantastic ‘70s medal. It is said that belongs to Snoop Dog’s dad.
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Hello EliasNews Image

Hello Elias

Elias joins us from LaGuardia College right here in Long Island City. He’ll be working on all things marketing, so look for us on the Interweb. Welcome Elias!
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Making Friends in ChinaNews Image

Making Friends in China

In our trip to Guangzhou we had the opportunity to meet the Chinese talent pool of designers. Here with Haishan Deng, Car Design Lead at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.
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Mies Timeless TouchNews Image

Mies Timeless Touch

The Barcelona Pavilion, 1929 was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe as the German National Pavilion for the 1929 Barcelona International Exhibition, held on Montjuïc. Barcelona. It bends my mind how current the building still is. Timeless proportions, exquisite details…
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BicingNews Image


One of the best things about BCN is their public bicycle system “BICING” coming soon to your city…
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Too late to be serious…News Image

Too late to be serious…

This is the consequence of working late. Silliness and funny faces. We really need to go to sleep but this is the most enjoyable part of the job…
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Barcelona on Wheels!!!News Image

Barcelona on Wheels!!!

They say that the best way to experience a place is through the eyes of the local people… and riding a scooter!!! Thanks to our Friend Anne we had wheels in BCN and really got to know the city from a different perspective!!!
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Hong Kong MarketNews Image

Hong Kong Market

The beauty of everyday things. Fruits, lights and people in balance…
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China HeatNews Image

China Heat

Noon time-Summer-China. The formula for HOT!!!! However the watermelon tastes soooo good…
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Welcome to the Fun Factory!!!!News Image

Welcome to the Fun Factory!!!!

Long Island City is a jewel!!! Street art is all over and it’s legal!!! Well, kind of legal…
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Designer’s Head!!!News Image

Designer’s Head!!!

Beware of a common disease among designers called “Bighead”. The decease is a consequence of over appreciation for themselves and is manifested by an increased size of their head…
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Inspiring SunsetNews Image

Inspiring Sunset

The views from the office of the New York City Skyline… always breathtaking…
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Thanks UBA!!!News Image

Thanks UBA!!!

The presentation at the UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires) went great thanks to the team that helped organize it!!!

In the picture: professor Eduardo Simonetti; Manuel Saez; Karina Nussbaum; Angela Martin and Jesica Salzman

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Control PanelNews Image

Control Panel

Are you a control freak? Perhaps if you feel an irresistible attraction to control panels…
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