November, 2009

Parsons New SchoolNews Image

Parsons New School

Manuel Saez and Shunyi Wu from Rockwell Group were invited to speak at Parsons The New School for Design. The intention of the dialogue with the Industrial Design students was to give them insight of the real world in the Design profession. The presentation also covered an overview of the award-winning CMYK Elektric bike. The students also had the opportunity of test-ride the CMYK bike and enjoy the fun of the product.

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Why Research?News Image

Why Research?

by Andy

Why is design research important?

Instead of answering why research is important, let’s find out what research brings to the table in the design process. The importance of research is not a question. The moment we give thought to a design challenge is the moment design research begins. By thinking, we are “going about seeking” interesting materials in the head, which is a form of research by definition.

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Job InterviewNews Image

Job Interview

by Tracy

Hello my name is Tracy, I would like to to get your opinion on what should I bring to an interview and what should I leave behind? I am senior Industrial Design student at SCAD.

Hi Tracy!

I think is always good to be creative in order to make a difference between yourself and the rest of applicants. Ideally, you look for a reason to be remembered by the person who interviewed you, but generically, certain documents end up being more of a ‘problem’ in the studio space that being helpful.

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Top Prize at the 2009 Spark AwardsNews Image

Top Prize at the 2009 Spark Awards

The team at manuelsaez ltd was recognized with three Spark Awards in 2009. The CMYK Elektric Bike was the most voted design taking the top prize while the Huni Chair and the Alta Chair received a Gold and a Bronze Award respectively.

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