August, 2009

Our duty as designersNews Image

Our duty as designers

“… Our duty as designers is to ensure that our work has a positive impact on society and brings an honest benefit to the user.”

By: Manuel Saez, Creative Director at MS&P

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Treasure HuntingNews Image

Treasure Hunting

Brooklyn’s best: Flea Market on Lafayette. A constant treasure hunt!
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Daybed ChillllNews Image

Daybed Chillll

Our Business advisor Ed Able found himself relaxing and working on a sample daybed in our office. He got the best seat in the house!!
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Burning Down the HouseNews Image

Burning Down the House

First Aired – 08/27/2009 08:00PM

This week on Burning Down The House, Curtis B. Wayne talks about internet journalism & design trends with a panel of guests including Michael Cannell, Manuel Saez & Jamie Waugh.

To listen to the show link here: Burning Down The House – Design For Everyman

In the pictures: The Boar’s head; Manuel Saez; Michael Cannell from the Design Vote.

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Moto DayNews Image

Moto Day

Fun time!!! Summer, speed and nature. We went upstate New York for a moto ride with Steve Russak and Rich Thrush from KAZ.
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Summer in LICNews Image

Summer in LIC

Nothing can beat a Saturday afternoon at PS1. This picture captures the moment and the feeling.

In the picture: Andrea & Chino

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Moto in NYCNews Image

Moto in NYC

Going to visit clients is a joy! Nothing like riding a motorcycle and dodge the traffic in NYC.
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Good Doggie!News Image

Good Doggie!

Treasure hunt. We found this fantastic ‘70s medal. It is said that belongs to Snoop Dog’s dad.
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