July, 2009

Hello EliasNews Image

Hello Elias

Elias joins us from LaGuardia College right here in Long Island City. He’ll be working on all things marketing, so look for us on the Interweb. Welcome Elias!
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Making Friends in ChinaNews Image

Making Friends in China

In our trip to Guangzhou we had the opportunity to meet the Chinese talent pool of designers. Here with Haishan Deng, Car Design Lead at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.
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Mies Timeless TouchNews Image

Mies Timeless Touch

The Barcelona Pavilion, 1929 was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe as the German National Pavilion for the 1929 Barcelona International Exhibition, held on Montjuïc. Barcelona. It bends my mind how current the building still is. Timeless proportions, exquisite details…
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BicingNews Image


One of the best things about BCN is their public bicycle system “BICING” coming soon to your city…
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Too late to be serious…News Image

Too late to be serious…

This is the consequence of working late. Silliness and funny faces. We really need to go to sleep but this is the most enjoyable part of the job…
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Barcelona on Wheels!!!News Image

Barcelona on Wheels!!!

They say that the best way to experience a place is through the eyes of the local people… and riding a scooter!!! Thanks to our Friend Anne we had wheels in BCN and really got to know the city from a different perspective!!!
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